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Fashion Designing Course For 6 Months In Bangalore

The Fashion Designing Course For 6 Months is for people who love to express themselves, through their design, bringing their imagination to life. The Fashion Technology Course in Bangalore is a Fast Track program, helps you to polish your skills, trains you exclusively, helps you prepare and give you the confidence to step into the world of fashion, and being in the crest of the fashion industry.

The possibilities open to your endless. You may pick from women’s wear to kid’s wear, accessories from head to toe, publishing to photo, Fashion Designing Course For 6 Months Trends to styling, design , graphic design and illustration. The sky is the only limit.

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  • Fashion Designing
  • Pattern Making and Sewing technology Fundamentals
  • Textile Fabric Art-I

Planning and Designing

  • Fashion Illustration
  • Computer Fundamentals and CAD
  • Textile Fabric Art-II (Dye/Paint/Emb/Print)
  • Pattern Making and Garment Construction /Product Specialization


  • Introduction to pattern making
  • Introduction to sewing technology
  • Industrial form measurement charts
  • Introduction to drafting
  • Garment details
  • Construction of Women garments


  • Introduction to Textile and textile applications
  • Fabric construction
  • Color schemes
  • Motif developments and drawings
  • Batik and Tie and Dye
  • Fabric Painting
  • Block printing
  • Stencil Painting
  • Screen printing


  • Understanding fashion industry
  • Croquis
  • Garment rendering
  • Historical costumes
  • Garment Details


  • TR concepts
  • Self interpretations of plates with themes
  • Gather and flair volumes
  • TR draping
  • TR swirl
  • TR origami


  • Understanding fashion photography
  • Basic picture taking
  • Methodical approach to fashion photography
  • Picture analysis
  • Complete study of the studio


  • Introduction to fashion accessories
  • Trend analysis and market research
  • Accessory construction using various materials
  • Designing of accessories

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