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Vidya Fashion Academy is one of the Best Fashion Designing Institute In India, Bangalore. It was Founded by The Fashion Designer Vidya Vivek in 2011 to produce advanced education for Beginners and professionals for his or her passion within the fashion. It has been recognized for educating and promoting talented.

The establishment may be a distinguished player in National and International fashion design shows.The Fashion Institute In Bangalore, encourages students to figure closely with brands of their alternative and participate in exhibitions and competitions to get recognized by branded companies.


Our Mission at Vidya Fashion Academy is to provide customized Fashion Designing Programs in a diverse and contributing surroundings for learning

we tend to committed to deliver the most effective in class education, training and tutorial through our skilled partnership programs and Best Fashion Designing Institute In India, Bangalore, hone the talents of each student and prepare young minds and budding talent to face the challenges of today’s world work environment and society..


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Vidya Fashion Academy is the Popular Fashion Institute In Bangalore, Our Vision, because the expression says “Welcome to Imagination “is to provide a world-class infrastructure, with state of the art facility, well-equipped library and having the industry consultants shaping the students to upskill their creativeness.

we tend to specialize in providing high-quality education and coaching, having a world programme with a global platform, constant research and continuous learning is our focus to become a top within the world of Arts and Design.

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